The Governor of Moscow region has told, that will backup beds

In the suburbs until they turn reserve beds deployed for patients with novel coronavirus infection. This was told in the program “Week in the city” on TV channel “Russia 1”, Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov.

Earlier the Governor of Moscow region said: health facilities restructured for coronavirus COVID-19, slowly returning to his old job. Hospitals are starting to provide routine medical care: in the first stage, from June 8, the second with 15. According to Vorobyov, the situation shows that the government can close those beds that were created on an emergency basis.

However, temporary hospital deployed in the exhibition center “Crocus Expo” and the Park “Patriot”, while dismantling will not. Authorities said the sparrows, “leave the reserve and keep my ears open” to have the opportunity to provide high-quality medical care in the event of a second wave of coronavirus COVID-19, about which “no-no experts say”.

Earlier it was reported that on may 1 in the suburbs for patients COVID-19 was equipped with about 15 thousand infectious beds.