The Governor of Moscow region reported that when the kindergartens and beauty Salons

Monday 6 July in Moscow will open all the kindergartens. This was announced by the Governor of the region Andrey Vorobyov, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

He noted that the opening of kindergartens all really looking forward to. “Parents work and, of course, they are waiting for, requested, demanded, quickly open kindergartens. Were open only to on-duty groups, but this is not enough” — said the Governor of the Moscow region.

After the meeting with the chief medical officer such an opportunity, and Monday all the kids can go to kindergarten, said Vorobyov.

in addition, he announced the opening of all registry offices in the suburbs from 1 July. Of existing restrictions in the region remains only a mask and a ban on public events.

“since the first day we open all the registry offices, the IFC sports facilities — children and adults can play sports in clubs, hobby groups,” — said Vorobyov.