The Governor spoke about the injury of a journalist at a polling station

the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov has expressed regret about receiving the journalist of the edition “the Media” by David Frankel injury at a polling station in the Northern capital. The circumstances of injury of a journalist trying to find out the investigating authorities.

According to the MIA of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, attacks on Frenkel at the polling station was not: the police only took action to remove a citizen, prevented the election Commission.

the Materials on the incident submitted to the Investigative Committee, recalled fluently. According to him, “a tired, each with its own character, its emotional, sometimes it is unnecessary towards the issue, the obsession with excessive enthusiasm”. The cases and provocations against members of election commissions, said the Governor of RIA Novosti, and it “adorns the city.”

“fortunately, the city of five million such cases are few. So I am sure and hope that the vote will take place normally and safely,” added fluently.

According to head of the legal Department of Saint-Petersburg electoral Commission Oleg Hooks in the incident with the journalist David Frankel needs to know including the electoral Commission, but not only him. In the Russian Code about administrative offences there is article about interference in the work of the Commission, reminded the Hook, and the “protocols it is not the electoral Commission, but still the police”.

fragments of the movie who have seen the Circlip, do not allow it to fully evaluate the cause of possible differences between Frenkel and members of the precinct election Commission. However, there are legal provisions regulating photos and video. Frankel was filming on his phone the police, reports “Interfax”.

According to Hooks, shot needs to carry a review, not portrait, and the Civil code says that filming in public places of people without their consent is possible, but dneeds to be run in their primary subject, that is to take personally, it is impossible. It is also forbidden to capture personal data and to take pictures in places where filled in ballots.

a Representative of the St. Petersburg electoral Commission, added: realizing their professional rights, it is necessary not to violate the rights of the voters. The ongoing trial, said Hook, and evaluate the behavior of all parties to the conflict will give the investigative authorities and the police.

it was Reported that in the incident at the polling station journalist Frankel broke his arm. The municipal electoral Committee has commissioned a detailed analysis of the actions of members of the precinct election Commission and in case of revealing of deviations from norms of the legislation to take appropriate measures.

According to the “media zones”, the journalist had a fracture of the humerus, and he prepares for surgery. Sam Frankel was told that they came to the site after a signal of violations and showed them to the Chairman of the Commission accreditation.