applies A ailing roof and waste a lot of energy and can make your whole house wet. It is vital, therefore, that this protection keeps sign tight: The older he is, the more permeable it is. However, the roofs of older houses are built more solidly than many people think. Therefore, owners should check their condition carefully before you decide to exchange. Leaks can often remedy a repair.

point one: renovate or replace?

Is your old roof in spite of the constant repair works, again and again, by casual, you should take a new eye. Constant moisture can cause serious damage to the house. You not only check roof tiles and plaster, but also the substructure. Their condition is also very important. Let the roof of one skilled in the art on damage and cracks inspect: Are the rafters still stable? Need to roof battens to be replaced? Also: do you Need for your roof, an additional equipment, such as insulation or window to let more light get in? PDF So you produce your own electricity Our PDF guide shows you how to make your own electricity independent from expensive suppliers.To the PDF guide

But beware: If you change more than ten percent of a surface of a Component, you must have the requirements of the currently valid energy savings Ordinance (EnEV). For steep roofs, a heat is transmittance (or U-value) – expresses how much heat is lost through the roof of 0.24 W/(m2K), for flat roofs a U-value of 0.20 W/(m2K) and roof Windows 1.4 W/(m2K). The smaller this value is, the better the insulation is.

point two: prices

ask your old roof already Has strong damage, renewal is mostly unavoidable. First, costs for demolition and disposal of the Altdaches to fall. In the case of a high average single-family house with clay roof tiles, you can count on for eight to 14 euros per square meter.

For the roof battens you have to spend 2.50 to four euros per square meter, even higher claims. You also need new battens for the installation of the roof tiles. The counter-battens to install, costs between three and five euros per square meter, depending on the Lattenart and intervals. The Battens in the batten intervals according to the planned coverage. In General, seven to ten euros per square metre to be due. Home loans-MADE EASY In a few steps, at the best Credit to start with FOCUS Online

Last, it has to be your roof with new tiled. Roofing tile can have a glossy surface or a different color – which is why the prices a large margin. Concrete roof tiles generally cost 20 to 40 euros per square meter, depending on the color or design.

for example, For a 180 square meters large house with a saddle roof, you have to pay for the replacement of 10,000 to 12,000 euros. Added to this are often spending for scaffolding, gutters, or minor adaptation work.

point three: additional work necessary?

it gets Even more expensive if additional Work such as a roof insulation. This is useful if you want to now or later to expand your attic. With the roof renewal, for example, a rooftop insulation, which is very effective and thermal bridge protection. A attic insulation cost 30 to 60 Euro per square meter. Heating OIL PRICES COMPARE With FOCUS Online the cheapest provider findenSo save you money

rafters Are with your old roof, the roof, due to moisture being attacked or damaged, they must be replaced. For the new rafters, they pay seven to ten Euro per Meter. The exchange can cost more if your roof needs to be completely or partially replaced.

your roof is not a normal inclination, it can also be a waterproof sub-roof necessary to make the roof rainproof. For this you have to spend twelve to 20 euros per square meter of roof area, the required timber formwork for a further 20 to 40 euros per square meter extra.

point four: the roof is still okay?

to many roof rafters Are ailing, or the damage is too large, replace the roof completely. Especially in the case of old houses, the has another advantage. A new roof provides more space under the roof as the old one. You will pay but with a roof area of 150 square meters, between 7000 and 12,000 euros. Add to this the costs for the demolition of the old roof. Without any special features and additional devices you have to shell out 110 to 150 euros per ton. PDF So you Finance your home Our PDF guide shows you how to find cheap loans, pitfalls to bypass and get money from the state.To the PDF guide

point five: clay roof tiles

select you Want to cover your roof, it need not be always the classic pitched roof with red tiles. Home owners have cars with materials, shapes and colors are very a lot of choice: from the natural building material of Reed to the high-tech solar roof, small brick sheds, to large metal. You go but not only then, what like. FOCUS ONLINE electricity price COMPARISON electricity and save money?Easily the best supplier, gas price comparison, find compare gas supplier and cheapest rate find

First, you need to observe the inclination and sub-structure of your roof. Sometimes development, set plans, or local legislation, angle, and color. You will be informed before the start of planning to the competent building authority. Your house is under monument protection, you must vote on every decision with the curator of monuments.

point six: state aid check

The replacement of the roof or Building a new roof are measures which lots of additional work may be incurred. For that, you should always request a cost estimate, in which all the services are listing with prices. Actually, such an exchange is not funded with state money. Your acquisition cost for a new roof, however, can reduce, if this leads to an energetic improvement. Helpful calculators repayment calculator rate and outstanding balance calculate calculation of cash fall in front of the building a house construction loan do you calculate the effective interest Immobilienk impacton the costs for the notary and land register

calculate the KfW individual promotes measures for the environmentally friendly refurbishment with an investment grant or loan. Including the dams of the roof falls. In the case of thermal insulation there are, however, strict requirements: must be a new pitched or flat roof a U-value of 0.14 W/(m2K), the surface of the roof window, it is 1.0 W/(m2K).

point seven: roof gutters sealing or renew

A dripping or leaky gutters of your house can cause damage to façade, permanently. To check whether a repair is sufficient, you need to clean the trough thoroughly and the leak search. So you can see what Material it is and what seals are possible.

not only need the bottom end of holes, the complete gutter replace, but only individual pieces. However, you need to find a really custom-fit connecting pieces that fit to your old channel model. Otherwise there is a risk that it drips at the seam. FOCUS Online insulation calculator Save with proper insulation – now calculate!

after a few decades, new roof, mostly gullies due. Depending on the Material used, the prices are different: the aluminum is very cheap, zinc costs more, a pipe made of copper is especially expensive. For a 6-piece copper gutter, you pay 30 to 35 Euro per Meter. The same gutter of zinc only costs 20 to 25 Euro. For a 6-piece case, copper pipe including fastening material 27 to 30 Euro per Meter is required. Zinc does it cost including installation is only 18 to 20 euros per metre. PDF power to save 1390 Euro to save Our PDF guide shows you how you can identify the power guzzlers in the household and a total of 1390 euros can save.To the PDF guide

In the prices of most of the hourly wage of the craftsman is included. It requires, however, a scaffold, causing the further cost. Overall, the replacement of the roof cost guttering between 2000 and 2500 Euro.

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