The growth of the parent capital and e-work book: what awaits the Russians in 2020

1 January — traditionally the time of entry into force of the new laws. And 2020 is no exception. So, increase social benefits, will become mandatory labeling of a range of goods, expanding the list of essential medicines, and license plate of vehicles can be obtained from dealers.

In the list of payments, which will increase maternity capital. It will increase by almost 13 thousand.

In the New year under the new rules. Raising the minimum wage, pensions and social benefits, the emergence of yet another preferential categories of citizens, the protection of collectors as well as support of domestic producers is only a small part of the new laws that will start working from 1 January.

Monthly payments to pensioners will increase by more than 6.5%. The average pension will increase by about a thousand rubles. Income of participants and invalids of the great Patriotic war, receiving two pensions and increased social benefits, there will be 46 and a half and almost 40 thousand rubles, respectively.

the Minimum size of pensions in Moscow will rise to 19.5 thousand rubles. Also, the city can further increase social benefits and payments by 5.6%.

Another increase will apply to maternity benefits and maternity capital.
the Maximum amount of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth will increase to 322 thousand rubles. Almost 13 thousand will increase maternity capital. By the way, this is the first increase in 2015. For this purpose in the budget of the Pension Fund put about 325 billion rubles.

throughout Russia will increase the minimum wage by almost $ 1000. And payments for sick leave — 150.

“it is Important that we have the minimum wage grows faster than inflation. This, of course, and children’s allowance, which is now fundamentally changing. It rises to the level of 10-11 thousand rubles”, — said Vladislav Ginko, economist, expert at the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration.

In labour relations, the Russians are waiting for another new product. 2020 will be a transition for the introduction of electronic employment records — employees can choose between paper and electronic form. Digital labor, mainly solve the problem of the loss of employee information. 2021 paper work to issue cease.

And those who are not in formal employment will pay a tax for self-employed. Experiment FTS have shown good results. In the past year on account of set 260 thousand people. January the ranks of the payers will be joined by the Tutors, aides and housekeepers, are exempt from tax during the first wave of legalization of self-employed in 2017. The list of regions will also be extended up to 23.

“Rich regions, where a greater number of self-employed, are more likely to represent some additions to this list. And the poorer regions than Moscow — there basically is not so much distributed the same Tutors and other individual entrepreneurs. So I think in 3-4 times increase their number, provided that is not taken no additional measures of tax burden, which will increase the rate to which we are accustomed is 4.6 percent,” said Alexandra Suslina, head of “fiscal policy” the Economic expert group.

Part of the new laws connected with the protection of domestic producers and the fight against counterfeiting. An important tool of quality control of goods will become mandatory labeling of drugs and tobacco products. With the help of special codes. They will allow you to track the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the buyer. Classic cigarettes are already marked mandatory from the middle of the year. From drug manufacturers there is still time – six months.

Experts tell us how the innovation may affect the final cost to the consumer.

“Someone says within the level of inflation is 2-3% to the cost of the goods. Someone put the figure higher, at up to 15%. Still fatalogo price changes with the introduction of the labelling will not happen. This is hindered by limited payment capacity of the population. Any attempt to unreasonably raise prices will only lead to the fact that the manufacturer will lose its customer,” — said Alexander Safonov, Professor of the Financial University under the RF government.

another innovation. Lovers of the loans will not be able to take them without restrictions. Russian banks will provide to the Bank information about debt load of the population. By the way, rates this innovation is already affected.

In fact, in the new year we are waiting for much more changes. They affect almost all spheres of life. This is only a part of them.