The guard office on Nevsky, shot in the head visitor, arrested for 2 months

the Decision of the court of the guard office on Nevsky prospect, which is fired to the visitor, sent to jail till August 4. October court of Petersburg today have chosen Zaur Karimov measure.

the Incident happened on 4 June. The young entering the office of a commercial company, had an argument with the guard. That without thinking, took out a gun and shot the opponent in the head, then fled. The victim was admitted to the hospital.

Karimov opened a criminal case. It turned out that he was already brought to criminal responsibility. During the court hearing, the defendant stated that he escaped from the office, to put a candle for health of the victim.

according to GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”, the lawyer of Zaur Karimov requested to soften the measure of restraint for his client to send under house arrest. But the judge insisted on arrest for two months.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”