The guards brutally beat suspected in the theft of Nizhny Novgorod

the Guards from the rapid response team brutally beat a visitor Nizhny Novgorod store that a new employee was suspected of stealing coffee. A surveillance camera recorded the actions of the employees chop “the Torch”.

the Incident occurred in the afternoon of 2 January in the store “Bristol” in Sormovo district of the city. Man, as the conversation of the employees of the shop, is their regular customer, but that day he stumbled upon only the published work of the cashier. The woman gave a drunken man to pay, and immediately called security.

the Dialogue with two employees chop the visitor went wrong, because with respect, in their opinion, the attitude he showed. Suspected in the theft of the buyer with one blow laid on the floor, but that did not stop one of the guards continued to beat up no resistance the man.

Already unconscious, he was handcuffed to the counter and called to the scene of Regardie. Last, if you believe the comments, quickly understood the situation and released the victim. The city administration of internal Affairs shall verify the incident.