the TV channel “Russia 1” the famous doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov said the TV viewer complained that she constantly has a headache.

the Doctor said that a normal headache for everyone. However, the very “head ache can not is a bone.” he said and tapped himself on the head..

Pain, said the butchers, arise from the tension: aching muscles, the ligament that covers our skull. That is, it is a pain to type, like a sore leg or lower back.

Sometimes it is normally because of fatigue, improper head position, wrong way of life.

Under normal headaches don’t need to do an MRI or a CT scan — no avail, and find can not understand that, says Dr. Miasnikov.

He advises to pay attention is necessary for pain which did not exist before – for example, you Wake up at night from a sharp headache, and it is accompanied by neuralgic symptoms: when weakened, sagging nasolabial folds, arm or leg, and which is enhanced in the awkward position of the body or cough, explains the doctor.

This, according to him, can talk about really serious diseases that are important not to run not to miss the first bells, as such a headache may indicate increasing intracranial pressure from swelling or bleeding in the brain.

And the obvious head is, we all Need just a little more to walk, to breathe fresh air, to exercise, to tone your body and clog your head with things without which you can live, says Dr. Miasnikov.