The head of Alfa-Bank Vladimir Verkhoshansky called for Russian programmers to stay in Russia

the Head of Alfa-Bank Vladimir Verkhoshansky called on the Russian IT-specialists to stay in Russia. He stated the championship for Java developers Alfa Battle organized by the Alfa Group company.

During the finals of the championship discussion was held about where you want to work young Russian programmers in coming years: startups, large companies, Russian or foreign.

Vladimir Verkhoshansky, who graduated from Stanford University in the United States, dispelled the myths about easy career in the West. According to him, thousands of talented Russian specialists remain unclaimed abroad: “growing up, they sit in bars, drink beer and talk about why they have failed multibillion-dollar business.” The expert called it a “widespread phenomenon” that has made it a cooling impression. His colleagues at Stanford, returned to Russia, achieved significantly greater heights.

“to Work in Russia – is a rational choice. For the guys talented, hardworking, the chances of success incomparably higher than in any, even the most advanced Western country”, — said the head of the largest Russian private Bank.

the Best environment for development, in his opinion, create a large and at the same time innovative company. They will pull footage from startups that do not have a steady financial flow. “Today is a major and reliable corporations, but not all. Competition for the best IT professionals win a flexible, innovative company with a horizontal management model, such as Alfa-Bank. They give employees the opportunity for creativity and decision-making,” summed up Verkhoshansky.