The head of Google called on to keep an eye with artificial intelligence

the General Director of holding Alphabet and Google Sundar Pichai suggested the need for stricter regulation of artificial intelligence. According to him, machine learning, face detection and unmanned transport can improve the lives of billions of people, but at the same time, these technologies, like any other technical progress, are a potential threat.

“the internal combustion Engine allowed people to travel beyond their own regions but also caused more accidents, wrote Pichai in a newspaper column for The Financial Times. The Internet allowed to communicate with anyone and get information from anywhere in the world, but facilitated the spread of misinformation”.

To the dangers of AI, the head of Google tagging face detection technology, which can violate the privacy of people and gipface – convincing videomodels with superimposed faces and voices. AI needs new regulations, recognized Pichai, however, to approach this issue with caution. In some areas, for example unmanned vehicles – it is necessary to toughen control, he suggested, but in medicine it is possible to manage the current regulations.

Decisions related to the regulation of AI should be taken at the state level, and standards must be uniform throughout the world, says Pichai. “The EU and the USA have already started to propose regulatory bills, – he wrote. But international agreement will be critical to ensure global standards.”

Pichai added that companies like Google can’t just create new technologies and let the market decide how they will be used. “For us it is important that technology be used to benefit and was available to all”, he concluded.

Text: To.Hi-tech