The head of Kuzbass commented on the situation with unpaid wages in the coal mines

Kuzbass Governor commented on the situation with nonpayment of salaries to the employees of coal enterprises. Sergei Tsivilev noted that reads all personal messages and comments on this topic. In this situation, the head of the region held working meeting with heads of the enterprises-debtors, as well as heads of cities to which they are, reports GTRK “Kuzbass”.

“All the companies are private, and to tackle these problems themselves had. However, the situation has reached the point that our residents were left without wages. This is simply unacceptable! I got involved in this issue personally, we will help people to get their money in manual mode,” — commented Sergey Tsivilev.

the Most serious delays in payments are now in the mines of coal company Zarechnaya. Their debts exceeded already exceeded 220 million rubles. The only possibility to solve this problem can be VAT refunds.

“I already called the tax office, they should consider the Protocol of return on an emergency basis. Also, after my call to the Treasury in the process of the meeting in Kuzbass was transferred 199,9 million rubles. I gave instructions to immediately send the money to pay salaries!”, – the Governor declared.

Also the head of the region added that all businesses have reduced their employees, jointly entrusted with the mayors of cities, heads of districts, employees, employment services and trade unions to work out details to each specific situation. All should be offered employment.

Text: GTRK “Kuzbass”