The head of

To eliminate the consequences of the oil spill in Norilsk is thrown. About how things work, and whether to save nature, the head of the company “Norilsk Nickel” Vladimir Potanin said in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.

“the Main thing now — to minimize the damage from the crash, go to full liquidation. Moreover, we set for the use of best available technologies for this purpose, look for the best solutions. Stress — optimal from an environmental point of view the solution, we don’t seek cheap and fast solutions,” he said, adding that the company will do this at their own expense, and the budget a “single ruble will not be spent on it”.

According to him, the request for assistance was responded to literally the entire country. The first in the area of emergency rescuers arrived sea from Murmansk, thanks to which managed to bring the situation under control. In addition to the aid came as rescuers of the Siberian center of MOE and the staff of “Gazpromneft”.

currently, the river Barn is divided into sectors, is collecting fuel. Organized shipping containers for storage.

“I have Already collected about 500 tons of water on land, also prepared storage facilities for safe storage of soil at 100 thousand tons, 7 thousand tons has already been collected. Is now the work of disinfection and remediation in the area of 6 thousand square meters”, — said Potanin.

in addition, the company is working with environmentalists and organizations that represent the interests of indigenous peoples. In particular, supporting increased populations of reindeer and rare fish, in order to provide a more sustainable functioning of local ecosystems.

“we Have full confidence that the results of these operations and activities environmental system will return to its previous, acceptable, normal condition”, — concluded the head of “Norilsk Nickel”.

the Depressurization and leak fuel at TPP-3 of the Norilsk-Taimyr eenergeticheskoi of the company took place on 29 may. Resulted more than 21 thousand cubic meters of petroleum products. In the region declared an emergency at the Federal level.