The head of Perm has criticized the work of public contractors

the Head of Perm Dmitry Samoilov on his official page in the network Instagram has criticized the work of public contractors for snow removal. An outsider in the snow named Motovilikha, especially neighborhoods Visim, Dams, Garden, Griboyedov, as well as the street Lebedev and Turgenev.

According to the mayor, these findings he made on the results of inspections of the city administrative-technical inspections and appeals Perm in his address through Instagram. Dmitry Samoilov also advised Motovilikha district to actively penalize the contractor “DST-Stroy”, and if does not work, then terminate with it the contract.

And still the mayor did Saturday work day for all district administrations of Perm, informs “News of Perm”. Dmitry Samoilov, head of the Perm said: “due To weather conditions, the areas will go on unpopular measures: will handle sidewalks, stop, and places with large pedestrian traffic, combining different deicing materials, including sand, to ensure the safety of people. For administrative technical inspection remains the supervision. For heads of regions the output is canceled tomorrow, Saturday will be working, hold a special staff for improvement”.

Text: GTRK “Perm”