The head of the Lipetsk region handed the young judoka was a gift from the President

the Holidays are over, but the gifts continue. Kirill Zubkov practicing judo since the age of five and his goal in the future to participate in the Olympic games. To achieve it, according to the boy, to help hard training and a licensed kimono stitched according to all international standards, which he had long dreamed. He wrote a letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in which he told the President about their achievements in judo and dream of a kimono. Desire fulfilled. Gift Kirill gave the head of the region Igor Artamonov.

Igor Artamonov, the head of the region said: “I want this kimono you won many competitions. The championship of Russia in Europe and the World, perhaps enough? How to win the Olympic games, to you personally, the President will deliver”.

Kirill Zubkov, the judoka said: “I just hope I need it more to win, less to lose and it will encourage me that it’s all happening. I will go to his dream of becoming an Olympic judo champion — this is the meaning of my life.”

As reported by “Vesti Lipetsk”, a Christmas wish came true and the little lipchanka Dasha Vasilyeva — also thanks to “Tree of wishes”. The fifth-grader from Koptseva Farms wrote that very much wants a bike. Because the old was not for growth. And now the gift delivered to the girl home together with wishes of success in studies. However, learning it so well.

Text: GTRK “Lipetsk”