The head of the Ministry of industry and trade: for the MS-21 airliner on the market will need more than 13 billion rubles

in order to bring to market the MS-21 airliner, you need more than 13 billion rubles. Such figures named the Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov, reported STRC “Irkutsk”.

“To start the domestic aviation development in mass production will require a significant infusion of state. The budget for the MS-21 and Superjet are laid out for the next 2 years”, — said the head of Ministry of industry and trade.

As told Manturov, to support the leasing of these aircraft from the Federal budget should be allocated more than 29 billion rubles, and the cost of after-sales service will be more than 22 billion rubles. In total, the funding of design and research works will be sent about 56 billion roubles. This amount also included measures on import substitution.

industry Minister also clarified that the composite materials of the Russian production, which will manufactured the wings of the liner MS-21 has already been tested. The result was the redesigned design documentation and made necessary changes to the process.

Recall, the MS-21 is a narrow-body passenger aircraft of new generation. It will feature reduced weight, improved aerodynamics and the use of advanced engine. The aircraft will carry passengers and cargo on international and domestic routes, and in the future must compete with foreign analogues in the world market. Mass production models will be manufactured at the Irkutsk aircraft factory.

Text: STRC “Irkutsk”