The head of Twitter explained why the service does not need the

Twitter plans to add a button that will allow you to edit already published entry. This opportunity will be abused by unscrupulous users to enter other people astray, says the co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.

During the session of questions and answers he asked about when Twitter will allow to edit the text after posting. “Probably we’ll never make it,” – said Dorsey, explaining that initially the service was conceived as a SMS platform, and the “Edit” button would undermine these foundations. “We want to preserve this atmosphere, this feeling of bygone days,” – said the head of Twitter.

earlier Dorsey admitted that Twitter may receive an edit button records. In early 2019, he said that the company may implement such a function, but provided so that readers could see the original record.

Twitter Users have for many years asked to provide them with the opportunity to edit the text. Facebook, for example, since 2013 allows you to view the edit history of posts, and in “Vkontakte” can be corrected even personal messages during the day after sending (appears next to them marked “ed.”).

“the Primary reason we have no function changes, is that we were built on SMS, on text messages – previously explained Dorsey. – Once you sent the text, you can’t get it back. So when you publish a tweet, it instantly goes into the world. To return you can’t.”

Text: To.Hi-tech