The historic event was a landmark: what will happen to Russia

Last week in Russia was revolutionary: in the Message to the Federal Assembly the President proposed to amend the Constitution, after he resigned the government, and the next day was appointed the new Prime Minister. Backstage footage from Novo-Ogaryovo and exclusive commentary — the story of the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

Mikhail Mishustin with the head “Support of Russia” organization of entrepreneurs — random footage taken after the announcement of the presidential message. And here is the footage shot before the message of the then Minister of economy without the prefix “acting” part prinimaet the then head of the Federal tax service mishustina.

These frames are now generally particularly valuable: together with Mishustin immediately and Zubkov, and Sergei Stepashin, both at different times headed the Cabinet of Ministers. But at that moment in the hall, apparently, nobody knows anything. And from these pictures it is impossible to understand, did he Mishustin about the imminent presidential bid. So the Message of Putin to the Federal Assembly, which is always called a historic event, this time was in many respects a landmark.

One of the few who at that time had guaranteed seats in the hall were Ministers. The day of the announcement of the President’s address to the Federal Assembly — a special to the Kremlin orchestra. Musicians go to the place of the event, to live to sing a hymn and fanfare.

In the hall there is Dmitry Medvedev. Staff, who in recent years have become accustomed to a handshake and waiting to start. Hundreds of journalists were located in the huge press centre, but all had to Wake up and immediately take a turn at the entrance to the hall, because one sensational statement after another.

Putin begins with a topic that calls home: savings and multiplication of the Russian people.

Only 10 minutes passed since the announcement of the President address to the Federal Assembly, and already the most important Novonce it concerns families with children 3 to 7 years. The decision about what benefits they will receive and children older than 3 years from families with low incomes, people in the audience react with applause. And the maternity capital — immediately. “At birth the firstborn of the family will be entitled to the maternity capital in its current volume — 466 617 rubles”, — said Putin. With the birth of her second child — another 150,000.

“Total size of the parent capital for a family with two children will be 616 617 rubles,” — said the President.

And for the third fact, and the mortgage is paid off by 450 000, and in the end it may be impressive amount for the solution of the housing problem: more than 1 million rubles.

Medvedev and Volodin, sitting next, discuss these social initiatives.

“This is a priority for us, whatever it demanded resources,” said acting Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

“It’s not just a question of money, — said the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. Another problem is the state of consciousness of people and their souls. Having a big family is a blessing. Not only good for the state, for family, for the individual – benefit”.

But the education must be worthy. Putin says the imminent introduction of free meals for all elementary school students. And disagree with those who call it egalitarianism: “should Not parents and children, which is often the current situation is humiliating, to feel like they are even a child can not feed”.

the Ubiquitous free food in elementary school was not even in Soviet times. “But the disintegration of society then was not like this”, — Putin said.

student leaders introduced new surcharges. “Not less than 5 thousand rubles at the expense of means of the Federal budget”, — said the President.

“and Have the resources and the will, all the components to solve the most complex tasks”, — said TatYana Golikova, acting Deputy Prime Minister.

But it is unlikely members of the government at the time could even imagine how difficult of a task before the Cabinet of Ministers is going to put the President.

Putin proposes such changes to the Constitution that will fill one of its main articles — “Russia is a social state” — specific content. “The government will be obliged to index pensions or it will be a violation of the Constitution,” said the President, adding that the President will be able to respond to this violation of the Constitution “against all officials, which he will have the right including to impeach”.

“I think our state has already reached a level of development that we can afford and we have an obligation, as constitutional norms to provide essential social guarantees for the population,” said Andrei Klishas, a co-chair of the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, member of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

“I Believe that nothing is more important than the fulfillment of social obligations to the people, to pensioners who have no other sources of income, only pensions, — said the President. — If we fix the duty of the state, then it will be accurately fulfilled. It is unlikely someone dares to violate the Constitution”.

Novo-Ogaryovo. Exactly one day since the announcement of the President address to the Federal Assembly. Here in Putin’s residence, gathered members of the working group that will discuss changes in the Constitution.

Before the meeting everyone had to surrender their mobile phones — a standard requirement in the presidential residence. But discussing the question of extraordinary importance.

the Best in their professions. “Very responsibly. I’m not a lawyer. I’m a doctor,” says Leonid Roshal, President of the Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology – he joined the working group.

to Discuss will work together with experienced lawyers. “This is a huge responsibility. Any rule entails not only economic, but also huge legal implications. But most importantly, they are in the interests of society and the population,” said taliya khabrieva, Director of the Institute of legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation, co-chair of the working group.

“Every comma, every letter will have consequences,” said Paul Krasheninnikov, the Deputy of the state Duma and co-chair of the working group.

Putin is in the audience explained their proposals for changes in the system of government: “Russia still remains a presidential Republic, still becomes more open. Appointed by the Prime Minister and the President no longer has the right to reject the nomination. And then the Prime Minister goes to the President with their proposals, and in the Parliament. Responsibility, of course, a whole other level occurs and the Parliament and the government”.

After the announcement of Putin, those initiatives most important to a comment by the head of the constitutional court.

– How do you evaluate the presidential initiative to amend the Constitution?

I appreciate, as a citizen – a good initiative.

– And as the President of the constitutional court?

– As Chairman of the constitutional court – we will do what is in the Constitution, it steadily observe, — said Chairman of the constitutional court Valery Zorkin.

that the President is considering similar changes, he made it clear in December.

“I see that discussion on these issues, I see that the current parliamentary faction may raise questions about expansion of powers of Parliament. The society is evolving and parliamentary structures are strengthened, stability in the political system, multiparty inpolitical system has developed. People want greater responsibility for the received power solutions. In principle, it is justified. Here you can not only make any hasty steps and you can’t rush this. So the discussion goes, I’m going to see how it develops,” the President said the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” in December 2019.

And now, when Putin has put forward its initiatives for the reaction of the audience was clear: this is largely a response to the request. Great responsibility for the formation of the government, stressed Putin, it’s a big responsibility for the policy: “the head of state should remain entitled to remove from office those who improperly performs his duties”.

“Time has passed”, — the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin answered the question, whether there is no danger of the return to Parliament of political acuity 90s. “I guess we all have an understanding that from these jokes we all lose. Political culture has emerged and matured all. There will be more dialogue. There will be more feedback. But this responsibility”, — said Volodin.

And is primarily responsible to the Russian people. Putin offers to eliminate as a fact the possibility that people occupying key government positions , had citizenship or residence permit in another country. The Ministers and the Deputy Prime Minister applauded.

“Meaning, the mission of public service is in service, and the person who chooses this path must first decide that he commits with Russia, with our people, and nothing else, no grey areas and assumptions,” — said Putin.

“Serve the people — live in the country, be loyal to the country that no one had any external levers of influence, forming your point of view in addition to the perspective of the people that you represent,” — said the’sha Batalin, member of the working group on preparation of offers on applicationInstitute amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation.

And the main law in Russia, according to the President, can only be the Russian basic law.

“We are living in turbulent times that we need additional conditions to ensure the absolute sovereignty of our country. In Russia can not be enforced no provision of any international documents that contradict our Constitution,” — said the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

“the Temptation to direct the Russian side — a-long with this face, he see, — said Putin. — Sometimes the same European court make clearly illegal decisions, that’s unacceptable.”

Before this meeting in Novo-Ogaryovo the members of the working group on the amendment of the Constitution gathered at the TV screens. The TV channel “Russia 24” led a live broadcast of the special session of the state Duma. On the podium were Michael Mishustin — at that time the head of the tax service. His candidacy the President submitted for approval the new head of the Russian government.

the resignation of the government Medvedev became one of the many sensations of the day messages of the President to the Federal Assembly.

the Footage, every second of which is now important in the courtroom runs the personal operators of the President and Prime Minister, Putin and Medvedev go back and continue to discuss something.

after the fact, of course, analyzed every movement and gesture that Putin sits in a chair and separately greets Siluanov, but Putin says the conversation with Medvedev after the Message — even any hints, only words that “the successful implementation of the Message says you need some way to build the organizational work.” Word – Medvedev: “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, dear colleagues. In these circumstances, I believe it would be right for the government of the Russian Federation in the current composition filed to dismiss".

“Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev was head of state, the President of the Russian Federation for 8 years he’s practically running the government. This is probably the longest in recent history, Putin said. — I think we can and will do it soon – will introduce the position of Deputy Chairman of the security Council. The President of the security Council, as you know, is the President.”

a Few hours the whole country is waiting, so who will be the new head of government? A lot of versions. And here in 19:10 press service of the Kremlin distributes footage of the President meeting with head of the Federal tax service. Putin offers Mishustin to lead the Cabinet of Ministers.

In recent years in this office, they met many times. Mishustin headed the tax service 10 years ago, and during that time — this is the opinion of foreign colleagues – FTS has done a spectacular way: from the office, mired in corruption and confusion, to service, which is respected even businessmen.

Putin all these years followed the work of tax service of the details and tracks the main stages — launch of the personal Cabinet of the taxpayer, which is still not even in most European countries.

“the IRS is not the body that makes money and one that takes it away. Nevertheless, any sane understands how important the role of the tax service”, — Putin said.

Only at the end of last year the budget was raised more than 20 trillion rubles. Now Mikhail Mishustin at a new position needs to make more effective the work of the entire Russian government.