The hospital began a planned admission: all patients tested for COVID-19

the Metropolitan hospitals, which until recently was redesigned to combat coronavirus infection, started planning the reception. To reduce the risk of lesions COVID-19 all patients check. In the medical center “Lapino” with such a rapid analysis starts each medical appointment.

Today, this procedure begins any patients in the “Lapine”. A couple of months ago, the hospital is redeveloped under admission of patients with confirmed COVID-19. Now, when the peak of the epidemic passed, the clinic back to the previous mode. But the risk of infection remains. That is why here, as throughout the network of clinics “Mother and Child”, made the decision to test all incoming patients.

the procedure Itself takes no more than five minutes. All you need is a drop of blood from finger and buffer solution. The analysis of the material test strip will hold their own.

“This test is easy to use. The blood taken from the finger, and not from Vienna, that is, the test is minimally invasive. The test should be conducted in medical institutions with qualified staff. The result will be within 10 minutes. The results of this test, the patient is able to understand whether he is infected with at the moment or not,” explains head of laboratory of “Mother and Child” Olga Sinitsina.

Two major advantages of these rapid tests – sensitivity and high, close to 100 percent, specificity. Simply put, the test strip can easily identify specific strains of the virus even when the slightest blood of the patient. The presence of immunoglobulin G show hurt man with coronavirus earlier, immunoglobulins M will determine if he is not sick now. And the main thing – the result is known already in 10-15 minutes.

Now check the CPS were a few dozen tests for coronavirus. Among them, the Chinese Express strips “LEP”. It is their use in the structures of the Railways. Staff, whichwhich often come into contact with travelers should be tested for coronavirus regularly. Important and accuracy, and speed.

“most of the tests is made in China. This is due to the fact that China first faced with a pandemic, and its experience in the fight against infections will be replicated in other countries. Today the Russian market presents dozens of test systems, their accuracy is within the range, but there is a difference in price”, — says the head of clinical diagnostic laboratory CHUZ “Central clinical hospital” Railways-Medicine Ruslan Latypov.

the Demand for rapid tests is increasing especially since the beginning of the tourist season. This month back at work a and resorts of the country, the regions began to receive its first tourists. And, hence, the operational analysis of the coronavirus is not only a safety precaution, but also the ability to monitor the epidemiological situation is in almost hourly operation.