The husband of Irina Saltykova told about her tricks

the TV channel “Russia 1” singer Viktor Saltykov told how the wife makes it to work in the garden, walking on different tricks.

Telling that the main farmer in the family – his wife Irina Saltykov jokingly complained that he was often attracted to “excavation”.

“the Wife casually asks, “Victor, I cut four of Bush?”. I of course will cut it. But when I got into the trap of buying into these “four Bush” or “two branches”, that starts the loop of jobs! Then: “I Scopy here the dimple, you have a flower to plant.” Or: “here, Take this watering pot and field that one” etc. And so imperceptibly, that is, “the guy got”, I pripahali!”

Saltykov showed his “possession”, describing the plants grown in the garden. “We were not going to do anything to start it, but Ira said, “here is to grow the strawberries we have, then the dill. In the afternoon a very well-something to postrogat”. Although I love it when everything is ready,” said the singer, saying that at his wife’s request and is forced to weed the beds and water them, watch out for cabbage and zucchini.