The IMF downgraded assessment of the recovery of the world economy

the loss of the world economy because of the pandemic by the beginning of summer rose and was more than expected in April. The international monetary Fund (IMF) worsened the recovery prospects of countries. The Fund forecasts a fall in world GDP of 4.9 per cent in 2020, and in April was expected to decline only 3 percent, follows from a new forecast of the Fund.

the Expected reduction of production in all countries except China. The world’s largest economy — US GDP – will decrease by 8 percent for the year. China’s GDP, the second largest economy in the world, will grow 1 percent. China, first met the pandemic, and the first to return to pre-crisis life, that accelerated the recovery.

the Eurozone Economy will shrink by 10.2 percent. The largest EU economy – Germany’s GDP – will decrease by the end of 2020 by 7.8 percent. The other large EU countries lose nearly 13 percent of GDP.

Russia’s GDP will decline by 6.6 percent, and in April-expected 5.5 percent for the year. In 2021, the IMF expects global GDP growth of 5.1 per cent, while Russia’s GDP – 4.1 percent.

This prediction has a high degree of uncertainty, the IMF said. Unknown the exact timing of the lifting of restrictions and to maintain social distancing. The deterioration in the Outlook is influenced by the growth of losses due to mode-isolation — consequences manifested in the first and continued to second quarters of the year 2020. Assessment of the recovery of the world economy worsened and the performance of income due to necessary safety measures, hygiene in the workplace and in the services sector.