The IMF predicts Russia's GDP fall

experts of the International monetary Fund believes that this year Russia’s GDP will fall by 6.6 per cent. This is 1.1 percentage points more than previously forecast. The reasons for such a sharp fall in the July e IMF called the consequences of a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 and a sharp decline in oil prices. The Russian ruble also fell into the list of currencies that weakened significantly in the previous months, but since April, increased.”

However, financiers expect a significant improvement of the condition of the Russian economy in the coming year. So, the forecast of growth of BBB in the Russian Federation increased from 3.5 to 4.1 percent.

“the Recovery is projected to be more gradual than predicted earlier,” — noted the authors of the analytical Bulletin.

as the global economy, the IMF is confident GDP fall 4.9 per cent in 2020. The Fund is downgraded, then the epidemic of the coronavirus has had a “more negative impact than expected”.

Growth in economic activity in the world will be restored in 2021 and will reach 5.4 per cent next year. The deepest economic downturn this year is expected in the USA (a GDP fall of 8 percent), Japan (5.8 per cent), the UK (10.2 per cent), France (12.5 percent), Italy and Spain (by 12.8%).

the IMF called on the international community to help poor countries in providing medical assistance to the population and to reduce their debts to creditors, writes TASS.