The impending impeachment: the scene with the tramp was cut from the popular Christmas Comedy

Russia, Iran, the Governor of California and, quote, “crazy” Nancy Pelosi mingled in the “tweet storm” of trump. So the American press characterizes what is happening in the social networks of the President of the United States after Christmas. Indiscriminate criticism of “all for all”, according to the media, it is because of the looming impeachment. And though trump publishes in your account with the bookmakers to win in 2020, showing its election advertisement has refused for more than a decade of American television. In neighboring Canada, it is already cut, so far, from Christmas comedies.

In the us capital snowless Christmas in the street plus eight in the winter and does not smell, but the air there rings: from impeachment. On the eve of every family of the United States at the gala dinner was a political flavor. Relatives, close and distant, went to each other’s homes, to meet, to greet, to speak — to deny trump’s positions or not.

On American cuisine argue about it in months, and Christmas in the heat of the debate is only getting stronger. PR President err — released a cheat sheet on how to convincingly argue the liberal relatives. Taxes, international trade, migration policy trump chewed all he succeeded:

“Since the election of the President of trump in the United States was created more than seven million new jobs. The unemployment rate continues to remain at historically low levels, recently falling to 3.5 percent. This is the lowest figure in 50 years”.

While some trump cursing, others praying for him, the Washington international chorus has spoken. One of the famous Christmas song added political notes.

In today’s post on Twitter, the President called on duty initiated the impeachment of the liars. He insists nothing criminal in his conversation with Zelensky was not. But journalists have dug pally trump torturedtrying to cash in on Ukraine. Emigrants from the Soviet Union Parnas and Fruman, strengthened by the restaurateur Correa, kasiraja acquaintance with the President, was pushing his gas interest. “They used their position as show messages in order to find a way to sell liquefied natural gas to Ukraine via Poland,” he told CNN.

did Not keep silent lawyer in the white house. Rudolph Giuliani in Kiev looking for evidence against the enemies of his boss and found a lot of interesting. He says former U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine was sent by the billionaire Soros.

impeachment was not a word in a festive televised presidential couple. Trump because before to occupy the White house at Christmas looked at the Americans from the screen. His cameo role in the movie “home Alone-2”, the overseas equivalent of “ironically”, Comedy, mandatory viewing in celebration. It was the scene with the tramp cut one of the canadian channels. Cutting supposedly had, and not because of trump hate, just time in the air save. Maybe because the actor himself-a lover, wishing for the days of the military, said that is very proud of the shots:

“to put it mildly: I was a bit younger. And it was an honor to act in this role. The young guys say, “I just saw you in the movie!”. It’s a big Christmas hit is one of the largest. So I am honored to participate in something like that, always nice to see success.”

Millions of Americans trump made a gift — at Christmas-time employees received from the President an extra day off and an extra reason to gossip about impeachment.