The Imperial oak tree in the Summer garden planted across the country

the Legendary oak that is planted in the Summer garden of Peter the First himself, will spread throughout Russia. In the framework of the campaign “all-Russian Imperial Dubrava” it will distribute seedlings for planting each of the traveling Palace of Peter.

it is Worth noting that the mighty oak in the Summer garden is one of the oldest trees of Russia. Despite his age, he gives a bountiful harvest. The garden workers are carefully selected acorns for the removal of new seedlings, and they successfully managed. The correspondent of “Vesti Saint-Petersburg” praised the growing trees. At the age of five years, Imperial oaks will travel to museums in different parts of Russia.

Note that visitors will be able online to see how to grow oaks. The program “Gardens of education” of the Russian Museum have already aired. First aired conducted personally by the Museum Director Vladimir Gusev.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”