The infectious disease doctor said, it does not catch the coronavirus during bathing

to be Infected by the coronavirus during a beach holiday, including swimming, warns Crimean infectious disease physician Anton Elster, who treated the first patient with COVID-19 on the Peninsula.

He noted that if the infected man went to bathe, and, for example, accidentally sneezed into the water after him can get another camper, if water gets into the body through the mouth or nose.

“So no need to gargle salt water, don’t swallow, don’t need the extra time to dive,” said the medic, quoted RIA Novosti.

On the beach the doctor advised people to stay away from each other on distance in half to two meters. Transport, shops and other public places, should wear masks, said Elster.

According to the operational headquarters on the situation with coronavirus, in Russia, for the day was 6 852 new cases of infection. Just today in the country identified 627 646 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions 8 969 deaths, recovered 393 352 people.