The information war against Russia: if Basayev was alive, he would have made in the Western media

the Information war which began against Russia over 30 years ago, will continue, says political commentator VGTRK Andrey Medvedev. This opinion was expressed on air of TV channel “Russia 1”.

“the United States recognized (Shamil – ed.) Basayev as a terrorist in 2003. Before that, were the attack on Budyonnovsk, Dagestan, was killing huge number of civilians. And ordinary Chechens. They were simply killed because they didn’t want to live by the laws of the wolf, they didn’t like fighters”, – the journalist noted.

Then there were explosions of houses in Moscow, was “Nord-OST”, and in 2005, a year after the Beslan attack, ABC News showed an interview with Basaev.

“Then even the American Ambassador was summoned to the foreign Ministry for clarification. Said, what are you doing, how so?” – Medvedev recalled.

According to the browser, whether alive today, Shamil Basayev, he would have acted on various Western television channels and talked about how fighting for freedom and democracy.

“This approach is part of the information war against Russia”, – says Medvedev.

According to him, it looks especially cynical, because in the America and Europe justification of terrorism means social death.

“once you stand on the side of the terrorists, as soon as you try to find them an excuse, you are excluded from society, you cease to be perceived as decent people,” – said Medvedev.

Earlier on June 17, two members of the gang Basayev and Khattab were detained on criminal case about the attack on soldiers in Dagestan in 1999. In August-September 1999, the participants staged an armed rebellion, which killed more than 280 and injured more than 800 military personnel, law enforcement officers and civilians.