The inhabitant of Ekaterinburg has won a lawsuit against the dealership

an Unpleasant surprise turned into buying a resident of Ekaterinburg. It turned out that used car bought in the salon, twisted mileage three times. Is it now possible to return unsuccessful purchase, tells GTRK “Ural”.

No employees, no even signs. Instead of a showroom, where Sofia bought the car, now a hardware store. Seeking the lady went, when he discovered a malfunction in the purchased car. But now where to return it, I’ll never know. Defects not immediately apparent.

“I checked the machine, external indicators will suit me. I was interested in the mileage of the car. He according to my indicators should not be more than 60 thousand”, – says the resident of Ekaterinburg Sofia Kurganova.

This car has been found. But bought “Lada” broke after three days. The surprises did not end there. Examination confirmed: run “Lada” more than 3 times, almost 176 thousand kilometers. Regional court sided with Sofia and ordered the salon to pick up the car. Together with its price to compensate the moral damage expenses for repairs, and to pay a fine for introduced clients to confusion.

“of Course, the buyer was notified that there is a problem with the onboard computer, but still if she originally knew that the mileage is not true, she would have refused, of course, from such a purchase,” – said the head of the press service of the Sverdlovsk regional court Ekaterina Maslennikova. And now the dealership has to pay Sofia 444 thousand rubles. However, practice shows that not always.

“In acts often specify that the buyer inspected the car, checked its completeness, no complaints there. But really, signing a contract, but not signing the act, you can still have any claim to make. Mileage mostly in the judicial practice – winded run – not a significant disadvantage, unfortunately,” – said the lawyer Anton Sobyanin.

Most of all, tell the mechanics, the mileage rolled with cars that are older than 10 years. Spot the difference on these is more complicated. Also, note, it is easier to do it with Japanese, Korean, and budget models – simple, from the point of view of electronics. Therefore, experts recommend buying used cars after a thorough scan. And sign the acceptance certificate only after inspection of an independent service.

Text: STRC “Ural”