The inhabitant of the Saratov region abused familiar, proving the faithfulness of the beloved

a Radical way to prove his loyalty to the girlfriend chose the 38-year-old resident of the Saratov region, in the eyes of the beloved and her five friends raped the object of jealousy, reported in the regional Department of the TFR.

it All happened on the evening of 29 December 2019 in the apartment in Krasnoarmeysk, where a table has a company of six men and two women. After a fair dose of alcohol, the 31-year-old young lady smitten with jealousy to the 25-year-old friend, with verbal persuasion it is denied as a class and demanded that the satellite evidence that he and the alleged other woman have nothing in common. The man suddenly proposed to publicly desecrate the object of the quarrel, and the passion to support it.

“the Woman began to hold the victim by the hair, dealt a few punches to the head and body, and a man committed against her violent actions of sexual nature, then hit the arm and kicked in the face”, — stated in the message Department.

On the feast ended, and the lost woman only a few days later ventured to call the police a statement.

a jealous woman who confessed on interrogation to the crime, was sent under house arrest, her lover-rapist waiting in the holding cell.