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The inhabitants of the Islands in lake Pskov took part in national vote

The inhabitants of the Islands in lake Pskov took part in national vote

Dozens of residents of Talab Islands took part in the voting on the amendments to the Constitution of Russia. The polling station was organized on the island Flooded. Older people and settlers on the island Belov members of the Commission visited at home.

Natalia Ulicina lives on an island Filled life, regularly participates in the elections, this time at home. Such precautions have never been, she says. Before the vote, have to wear a mask and disinfect hands. Only after this Commission issues a newsletter and a disposable pen. “We think good we will vote that will not be worse, and better,” says Natalia.

On the Islands a lot of older people who because of health and safety reasons are unable to come to the site. Though he is under the open sky, but the Commission — in masks and protective clothing.

“On this island more people show awareness and come to the site. This island name is Filled, with regard to the island Belov, a vote solely on the house, we go by boat there and go around all the people at home,” — says Maria Znamenskaya, the Chairman of the precinct election Commission.

the Islands — one of the centers of pilgrimage in the Pskov region. In the Holy places where lived the famous elder Nikolai Guryanov and now especially honor the faith, the native language and Russian culture. Therefore, the amendments to the Constitution, which relate these values resonate with local residents. “What am I supposed to forget Russian language, and so for many not speak Russian. Not to forget Russian language, did not forget our roots, it is Holy,” says Anna Solovyov.

the Islands have voted dozens of people, but the main stream is still to come. Today resumed scheduled flights boat Talabsk. Passenger service between Islands and the mainland was cancelled earlier due to the pandemic coronavirus. Now all visitors to the island tourists have the opportunity to use localsecond ballot for amendments to the Constitution of Russia. Unless, of course, they are desirable to register for voting at the place of stay.