The initiator of the monument to Vlasov in Prague opened a criminal case

Attempt to install a memorial plaque Vlasov in the Czech Republic turned into a criminal case. The mayor of Prague-Reporyje Pavel Novotny accused of solicitation to commit murder of the former head of the Czech police. Policy faces up to two years in prison.

the Story began in December 2019, then the officer Stanislav Novotny the TV channel “Russia 1” hailed the chief as “a psycho and a loser” because of his decision to establish in Prague a memorial plaque Vlasov. In response, the politician said that the chief of police is a traitor and should be hanged. These words of officials regarded as a threat and took up investigation by the Department of extremism and terrorism.

By decree of mayor of the other district of Prague was demolished a monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev. This led to the protests. Criticized the decision and Czech President Milos Zeman. The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case under article “the Desecration of symbols of Russia’s military glory, committed publicly.”