The interiors of the oldest hotels of Moscow are taken under state protection

the State took custody of the interior the oldest capital hotel “national”. The building itself was built in the early last century, has long been an object of cultural heritage. Now this status applies to chandeliers, sculptures, paintings — only about 500 items. They should all be saved if the building will be undergoing renovations or reconstruction.

Without this building to represent the Mokhovaya and Tverskaya, it seems impossible. The oldest hotel in Moscow — “national” — is the object of cultural heritage of Federal importance. The state shall protect the unique facade, interiors and individual decorative elements.

“the Hotel with large Windows, with a fine facade. Facade with natural stone. Beautiful with very tailored cornices with a very beautiful elements of balconies. That is, every element has been thought out so that the building as a whole looked like a masterpiece,” says the architect, Chairman of the Moscow architectural society, Professor of the Moscow architectural Institute Boris Uborevich-Borovsky.

the author of the masterpiece of the architect Alexander Ivanov. New fashionable hotel, he decided to build in eclectic style: the design combines features of art Nouveau, neo-Renaissance and Neoclassicism. The hotel was opened in 1902. All 160 rooms with private toilets, telephones and furniture. And even two elevators at the hotel set – wrought iron have been preserved until now. Another technically advanced hotels in Moscow at that time was not.

“Interesting constructive decision ladder. The architect was applied technique when the ladder was attached to embedded in the wall of the console design. And due to this, you see, is a very thin stairs without stringers. The feeling that the marble steps are just glued to each other,” — said the Deputy head of Department of state accounting and examination of objects of cultural heritage of the Department of cultornago heritage of the city of Moscow Sophia Christmas.

Today, the number of antique “national” can compete with the major museums of the world. The Department of cultural heritage has compiled a list of movable monuments, which are on balance of the hotel – it includes about 500 items. Chandeliers, sculptures, paintings under the alarm.

One of the most expensive and luxurious rooms in the “national” presidential Suite. It is sometimes called living room of Louis XVI. However, this interior was only in the 30-ies of the last century. Decorated in Golden tones, stylized Rococo.

Antiques brought from nationalized palaces and mansions. The main decorative element of the hall – mirror of the XIX century with a porcelain frame, with embossed flowers and cupids.

After the revolution, the hotel closed. Posted here a hostel for party officials – the first House of Soviets. Before moving into the Kremlin in one of the rooms lived Lenin and Krupskaya.

In Soviet times, the interior of the “national” quickly came into disrepair. In 1931 began the first reconstruction. The rooms are complemented with furniture, which was confiscated in wealthy mansions. The origin of most of the items to determine today is difficult, but know that a lot of transported from the Tsarskoye Selo and Anichkov Palace. Then, in the 30s, was lost majolica panels to the corner the attic: an ancient story of “Apollo and the muses” was replaced by the Soviet industrial — portrayed the labor of the workers.

“This is a historic ornament in art Nouveau style. In 90-e years during the restoration, was made of clearing the walls, discovered the true elements and what you can see, restoration is re-creation. That is, the pattern of the walls — historic,” says Sophia Christmas.

True – the beginning of XX century – in the rooms themselves left a bit. There is one marble fireplace, stucco ceilings, original VITRAI in the former library and the Grand staircase, the Atlantes in the vestibule of the main entrance. All professionals involved in the subject of protection. So, any repair or restoration work will be carried out based on this status.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”