a Fantastic film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Invasion” has become one of the leaders on the Christmas holidays in Russia. The film grossed 750 million rubles, and this figure surpassed even the famous “Star wars”. “Invasion” has already been seen by over two million people, but the tickets still queue.

“Invasion” has already caused a real attraction to the cinema audience. More than two and a half million people saw the film for the first Christmas holidays. And this is only the beginning! In cinemas back those who left for the holidays and who are willing to survive the “Invasion” again.

– Good film! Again were going to show children.

– Serious, powerful, modern, and no worse than the Western blockbusters.

the Movie crash, where the center of the Apocalypse are familiar to every street of the Russian capital. To see this in a movie that came even those who usually does not watch domestic films.

– We never went to the Russian films, but this time decided to go. We loved it, we liked the camera work, editing, directing!

– so Many special effects, such a love story, and everything is cool!

Moscow, flooded millions of cubic meters of water, and unprecedented special effects, for which artists drew over 2000 personnel totally from scratch, this visual component of the “Invasion”, but as it turned out, the audience is not only important that — those who come out of the cinema, celebrate the love story and humor in the film.

– There are a lot of special effects, jokes, and just an interesting story.

After contact with the alien the main character Julia opened superpowers. An unknown force is growing in it day by day, and this interest not only scientists and the military, but… aliens. Is there any chance to resist the invasion from outer space?

In the “Invasion” three actors from the famous crew “T-34”, the legendary movie that blew up the second year ago. That will help them win now in today’s world, where the technique against a human? A film that makes you think, in all cinemas of the country and this weekend.