The invasion of snakes: of a Viper has bitten several children in the village of Tomsk

This summer, the residents of Tomsk region faced an unprecedented number of snakes. Hundreds of reptiles crawled to the village stepanivka. Vipers can be seen on the houses, gardens and roads. This broadcast of “Russia 1” said STRC “Tomsk”.

In past years, the picture for the villagers was usual in this period, the snakes can migrate from one swamp to another. Their route runs through the village. However, this time their number has grown significantly. Some individuals can compete in size, for example, with boa constrictors — their length may reach several meters.

Recently, the check-in Stepanovka the villagers killed a huge poisonous serpent. These pictures were sent by the villagers. People this situation is very concerned because reptiles have already managed to bite several children. After each event call the doctor, but due to the fact that they are coming from the district center, the road takes at least an hour. After inspecting the victims were hospitalized.

Text: GTRK “Tomsk”