The investigation refutes some of the information on road accident with participation of Ephraim

the TV channel “Russia 1” the representatives of the interior Ministry’s Moscow branch told how the investigation against Mikhail Yefremov, accused of a drunken road accident with a deadly outcome.

Deputy chief of police Main Department of MIA of Russia for the city of Moscow Alexey Diomin clearly restored the chronology of events. According to him, according to Protocol, 8 June at 21 h 43 min in call center received information about the accident associated with the collision of two vehicles at Smolenskaya square, 3. The traffic police squad arrived on the scene in 21 hours 45 minus. He found that the Jeep Grand Cherokee has made departure on a strip of oncoming traffic and collided with Lada-a Vis. As a result the driver vis Sergey Zakharov received serious injuries and was taken to hospital, where he died June 9, about 5 o’clock in the morning.

Later at the accident scene arrived investigative team. The event was 2 hours 36 minutes. At 00.34 the traffic on this stretch of road was restored.

Colonel Deakin stressed that due to the presence Mikhail Efremov signs of alcohol it was decided to conduct a survey on the state of intoxication.

meanwhile, the head of information and public relations of the Moscow Central Directorate of Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Vasenin has denied reports that Efremov in the car was not alone.

“to Say that a deployed airbag indicates the presence of the passenger, it is impossible. In machines of the class Jeep at collision shoot both pillows. Therefore, we are denied this information,” he said, adding that eyewitness testimony and recordings from surveillance cameras confirmed this version.

Vladimir Vasenin said that he personally went to the scene and commented on it. He assured that none of the friends of Michael Ephraim, the neighborhood, the police no pressure exerted.

According to Colonel Vasenin, after the transfer of the investigator for all of the materials were insbordone case under article 264, part 2: “the Commission of an accident with victims who have received serious injuries”. As soon as information was received that the victim died within 30 minutes it was changed to a more serious article.

the Vasenin stressed that the decision on his own recognizance and later on house arrest Michael Ephraim, was taken by the investigator with regard to all the circumstances. Today he is under house arrest. For the control of the actor wearing an electronic bracelet, he was being traced.

the Colonel of police Alexey Diomin, in turn, led on past the “merits” of the actor, as a traffic participant. For Mikhail Efremov for 2019-2020 recorded 50 violations, of which 11 accounts for the current year. They are mainly associated with cameras photos and video recording: it is speeding, a violation of the markup. For a specified period of the facts of drunk driving were registered. All administrative fines actor paid debts at the moment.

Deakin stated that in 2015, the traffic police there was one accident involving Mikhail Yefremov, and the crackdown on worthwhile vehicle.

the Colonel of the interior Ministry also presented the statistics of similar accidents on the Russian capital. According to him, the Moscow road traffic accident with participation of drunk drivers is approximately 5% of accident victims. Beyond 2019 in such accidents was 63 killed and 70 wounded children.

all implemented legislative initiatives positively affect the situation: the number of detected drivers showing signs of intoxication decreases, said Deakin. If in 2018 there was 23 thousand the involved drivers, in 2019, is already on less than a thousand, but for five months of the current year to 8.5 thousand.

“the Metropolitan police is also active on the part of the introduced criminal responsibility for repeated driving in a conditionNII intoxication. Over the past year 1427 instituted such criminal cases. This year 537”, — said in conclusion the head of the Moscow traffic police.