The investigator recognized the manipulation of the facts, but people continue to sit

the TV channel “Russia 1” – the attempt to understand the case of the attempted murder of 27-year-old Sergey from Perm Michailidou.

the Summer night 2015, he was attacked by two men.

Sergei had suffered more than 10 stab wounds. If not passers-by, causing the ambulance, he could not survive.

Man, the doctors managed to save, although for several days he was between life and death.

soon there was a version of attacks: jealousy. Girl Olesya, which was going to meet with the work Sergey, earlier met with Sergey Perevoscikovs.

that it, along with childhood friend Nikolai Smirnov was sentenced to 11 years in a penal colony for attempt at murder.

They now in its fifth year serving their sentences, but many in the city are sure that the case was fabricated, and the investigation was conducted with gross violations.

In particular, it is known that at least three cameras filmed Perevoscikov and Smirnov in the time of the attack on Michailidou: at this time, the friends walked down the street to the store.

Smirnov immediately told the police, but his testimony and the footage to it was not attached.

This incident has caused the big resonance: people even took to the rally in support of prisoners, demanding a retrial.

In the end, at the end of 2019 appeared before the Tribunal investigators that he led.

One of them admitted that they fabricated evidence of guilt, to ease the work and improve detection. She’s already been fired and sentenced to a year and a half of probation.

However, Michailides claims he saw in the time of the attack, face to face, it Perevoscikov, although men had just met and barely spoken.

To confirm it, Sergey even agreed to take a polygraph. What did the test say?

is it Possible to reopen this case? Punished if a second investigator, who was it? And what she says, which may have been the attack?

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