The ISS will connect the first private module

a Private company Axiom Space attach your module to the ISS already in 2024. This was announced by NASA.

Some time ago, NASA initiated the Commercial Destination Development in Low Earth Orbit using the International Space Station, which can be translated as “Development of commercial activities in low earth orbit using the International space station”. Various private companies were asked to present their projects to join the ISS commercial modules.

the Agency has accepted the offer Axiom Space most suitable. With this company and NASA will contract, details of which are still being discussed.

the iss will connect the first private module 1It should look like the ISS docked with the new segment.Illustration Of Axiom Space.

according to the New edition of the Atlas, we can talk about the whole commercial segment of the ISS. It presumably will include scientific, industrial, inhabited and hub modules (the latter will serve as the basis for docking other modules). It also plans to launch the module with a huge window for observation of the Earth.

the First element of this series will be docked to the American module “Harmony”, also known as Node-2 (“Node-2”).

it is Planned that the contract will be concluded for five years. For maintenance of the Space segment Axiom annually will be made two or three manned flight.

the iss will connect the first private module 2Plan the interior of one of the new modules.Illustration Of Axiom Space.

Around the year 2030, the ISS is de-orbited. The company plans before that undock their modules and assemble them on the basis of the first ever commercial space station.

the iss will connect the first private module 3After the disappearance of the ISS orbit commercial modules should be the basis of the new station.Illustration Of Axiom Space.

By the way, earlier it was reported about the plans of Roscosmos to launch to ISS with three new module.

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