The issue in a new way: the celebration in a special format

In Yekaterinburg have come up with new formats for student graduation.

On the Kirov square on the day of discharge for the first time in many years, so few students. But the holiday has not been canceled. Because of the restrictions on the celebration in a special format.

Online prom takes place in the University — here, in the hall, on the floor of the main building of the institution, especially for graduates of the Ural Federal has built a real Studio: under the gun 7 cameras, under the lights the effect of presence will be maximized.

the case when graduates come to the feast, and the exhaust comes in every home. But traditions do not change. Each graduate is clothed in the robe of this style of Ural Federal University — on the head — cap.

clothed In the mantle and URFU rector Viktor Koksharov. He personally congratulates the graduates the best of the best.

“It’s very nice, of course. And did not expect what quantity I will be surrounded by journalists,” admitted Koksharov.

Students and teachers to the virtual prom was preparing nothing less than real. The two-hour show in each house. Set and rehearsed dances. And even virtual, but konfederatki in the air still flew.