The journalist of loud road accident with participation of Ephraim: win, those who have identity or influence

the Capital’s traffic police and the Investigation Department ATC CAO had to interview a famous actor Mikhail Yefremov in any condition. This opinion was expressed by member of the Public Council under the SK of the Russian Federation and the Federal penitentiary service, the TV reporter, Eduard Petrov live stream of TV channel “Russia 1”, commenting on the arrest of Ephraim after a terrible accident. Sergey Zakharov, the driver of the truck who crashed into the car of a famous actor, and he died early on the morning of 9 June.

According to the wife of Ephraim, the actor allegedly took a sleeping pill. “With vodka or something? — angered Petrov. He even knew where he was. If you drank sleeping pills, then why sit behind the wheel.”

According to the journalist, the big story with the vip violators in Russia are not uncommon. “Two days ago, the former chief of traffic police of Kemerovo region Yuri Movchan was released on PAROLE. He made the accident, which killed four girls. Served in the colony two years, and yesterday was released”.

According to Petrov, some high-ranking officials, the investigation, prosecution, police, judges, involved in a serious accident, do not even realize that they have committed.

the TV Reporter said that after the deadly crash Efremov was in “shock” state. The traffic police had to interrogate him. “To examine, call witnesses, and in the morning to take him to court to elect a measure of restraint. So it would be under the law and fair,” he said.

From the Department of internal Affairs on TSAO Moscow made it all “cowardly” against journalists, people who were waiting on the spot, than business will end.

According to him, the investigative sections are investigating an accident Moscow is the richest people, especially in the area of Kutuzovsky prospect.”Camera crew VGTRK repeatedly removed the stories about criminal cases, who do you think wins?”, — angry journalist.

“Always the question in favor of who has the identity or influence. And those who die tend to stay with nothing,” — says Petrov.

“the Investigative Department of the Ministry of interior is the most lucrative and profitable place in the police,” he said. “Such crimes should be taken under the control of the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov and head SK the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin,” — said the journalist.