The journalists of

Since January 1, the website of the Estonian Bureau of the Agency Sputnik works in emergency mode. Employees are forced to terminate the employment relationship with the editorial Board due to threats of criminal prosecution. The Estonian authorities demanded immediate dismissal, promising to bring proceedings for the mere cooperation with the Russian media and promising a penalty of up to five years in prison. The reaction of the European Champions of freedom of speech barely noticeable, if noticeable at all. Now works as a “Sputnik Estonia”?

“Sputnik Estonia” now broadcast “Swan lake” and the configuration table of the Soviet television, but continues to work, albeit in emergency mode, and counting down how many minutes, hours, and seconds he is forced not to say what others are silent. The editorial Board, which worked until today, 35 employees, empty. The Estonian authorities forced journalists to leave.

“It’s more than 30 employees, which the Estonian authorities unceremoniously threatened with criminal prosecution, since January 1, according to the article, which could face 5 years”, — said Peter Lidov-Petrovskiy, Director of communications and public relations of the MIA “Russia today”.

That is a prison sentence or at least a criminal case for the publication of news, check out the scene, the interview, in General, for what I used to do the reporter and for what he paid for.

“our government is constantly blamed for the fact that we are “Kremlin propaganda”. Constantly accused of fake news. For example, for the fake they believe the material published on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Tallinn from the Nazi invaders it. This here is a fake”, — said Elena Cheryshev, editor of Sputnik in Estonia.

thus, according to the journalists, never one Estonian official or organization sued. Just one Estonian police recommended that the ministries are not in contact with Sputnik.

“the Situation is bad because it creates within Europe a precedent. Because then it will be Germany and France. Sputnik work in different countries. But Sputnik is only one revision, then it is possible and against other publications also apply to the prosecution,” — said the General Director MIA “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev.

Pressure on the Russian media in Europe is not the first time. To recall the situation with the channel RT in England, who tried several times to revoke the license. The international reaction then and now — the most restrained. Spoke in support of satellite only of the OSCE in the face of Arlene Désirat, of the representative on freedom of the media, and the European Federation of journalists stated that the Estonian authorities too freely interpret the sanctions. Namely, they, as it turned out, the case, including criminal. The authorities of Estonia decided that Sputnik may not work in the country because the head of the organization Dmitry Kiselyov is under personal sanctions by the EU.

the Russian journalists and public figures support the journalists, sharing updates and photos in the yellow vests with logo. To say Sputnik, support, feel, will defend their right to work in the European courts and the UN, where the journalists sent the letter. Forcibly dismissed employees ready at any time to return to the editor.