The key opportunity for graphics cards of the latest generation implemented on smartphones

the Israeli company has announced Adshir technology LocalRay, which will help to introduce the smartphone support for high-quality computer graphics. We are talking about ray tracing which provides in the games “live” rendering of transparent surfaces and objects, believable shadows, refractions, realistic reflections and other effects close to the cinematic.

Adshir founded scientist Reuven Bakalas in 2011, and since then has received more than fifty patents. During this time his team was trying to figure out how the software support for ray tracing can be implemented on different operating systems, processors and devices with a power consumption of 2 to 200 watts.

the Result of their labors was LocalRay cross-platform solution-compatible with chips from ARM and Intel, and Windows operating systems and Android (soon to appear and iOS). Established in Adshir system, for example, will allow you to achieve on smartphones reliable from the point of view of physics simulation and lighting, and for this it is enough integrated graphics. For comparison, the Nvidia GeForce RTX gaming computers or laptops to achieve the same effect can consume hundreds of watts of energy.

Opportunities LocalRay will demonstrate at CES 2020 — it will be launched on the smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC with integrated graphics, writes VentureBeat. However, for the system requires that the developers have provided support LocalRay in their projects.

Text: To.Hi-tech