The killer gang Pasha color Music extradited to Russia

In Russia extradited from Poland killer gang Pasha-color Music (Vilora Struganov) — Vyacheslav Iskindirova. He is accused of murder of criminal authority, it was 1997 in Krasnoyarsk region. Since Iskenderov more than 20 years was wanted. Now it can finally at home to bring to criminal responsibility, transmits television channel “Russia 24”.

According to the investigation, for the distribution of criminal spheres of influence then fought several persons, among whom were Anatoly Artyushkov and Vilor Stroganov. To deal with a competitor, the last hired Alexander SAP and Vyacheslav Iskindirova. July 21, 1997 in the Parking lot of Iskendirov shot several times in artyushkova.