The Kirov Deputy suspect in the murder of two hunting dogs

In the Kirov region opened a criminal case against the Deputy of local Legislative Assembly. He is suspected of killing two dogs belonging to the resident Zuyevo district of the region.

According to investigators, 29 Dec 2019 Deputy, being in Zuevskiy district, saw two hunting dogs and an act of hooliganism without a significant reason shot them with a gun. The police conducted a review into the incident, passing the results to the investigating authorities with the suspect — the acting Deputy of the legislative Assembly of the Kirov region of the sixth convocation.

According to the results of consideration of materials of check it was taken the decision about excitation concerning the Deputy criminal case on signs of the crimes provided by articles “animal cruelty” and “Deliberate destruction of another’s property”. Installs all the circumstances of the incident, reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

Video of the alleged author of dead dogs was published online. According to him, the Deputy Aldarov Vyacheslav Nikolaevich coolly, almost in the eyes of the owner, shot his dogs. On the website of the regional legislative Assembly reported “on the incident with the Deputy V. N. Aharonim”.

it is said that the legislative Assembly of the Kirov region “certainly condemns the mistreatment of animals and informed that for further decisions, including consideration of the incident from the standpoint of the approved rules of ethics of deputies, it is necessary to establish all the facts of the incident and to obtain a legal assessment of what happened.”