The Kool-aid with the baggage hit with a law

an Important event – June 26 came into force signed by President of the Law of 27 December 2019 “On viticulture and winemaking in the Russian Federation”. A truly historic event. For the first time in Russian history we live under legislated the concept of “wine”. Hard to believe, but nothing like we had. This life put the founder of the Russian industrial winemaking, Prince Lev Sergeyevich Golitsyn, and even in the spring of 1914 Emperor Nicholas II signed the law. But in the summer — the First world — not to wine. And there is Lenin and the Soviet government. In the USSR such a law was discussed but was never adopted.

Applejack and baggage do not pass the position. And only now Russia was able to make a historic step. Now wine, as according to Golitsyn, is the product of fermentation of grapes, and Russian wine — the product of fermentation of the Russian grapes. Point.

This does not mean that all other forms of technology, including the production using imported wine materials, is prohibited. No. You can use them just to be called the resulting liquid is not wine, but otherwise, vinogradschi drink, and if there’s no grapes, it is, for example, a fruity alcoholic drink. And by law, such drinks must now be sold with a separate shelf to avoid being confused with wine, and the label is then marked with a special inscription: “it is Not wine.”

the Law also defines support measures for domestic growers and winemakers. Clearly, from government regulations, but the law provides for state subsidies for compensation of expenses for the organization of the vine nurseries, which is very important for the sector, subsidies on seedlings of domestic production and the equipment for viticulture and winemaking.

it is Clear that any adopted law is imperfect, and has already made amendments, and we need to learn this law to use, but the main thing is to keep the declared principle of wine — onlyz of grapes, and Russian wine from Russian grapes. So let’s create a branch and put Russia on the wine world map. Prince Golitsyn, the opportunity proved by winning the blind tasting at the exhibition in Paris in 1900 for his champagne, the highest award – Grand Prix. Inspiring.

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