The Kremlin believes that voting on amendments will not be more dangerous than going to the store

a vote on the amendments to the Constitution will be no more dangerous than a trip to the store, according to the Kremlin. As stated by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the CPS took care of it by developing a special rule.

“Those voting rules, the modality of voting, which is determined by the Central election Commission in cooperation with the Department (the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna – ed.) Popova, are designed to fully, to best protect people who take part in the voting”, – quoted Peskov TASS.

Meanwhile, the head of the office of the President of the Russian Federation on public projects Sergey Novikov said that the priority of the upcoming vote – the legitimacy and failure to appear.

“we are in the process of voting on amendments to the Constitution the most important is legitimacy,’ said Novikov, speaking at the Public chamber. – Not so important turnout figures, because it’s summer, the quarantine, and in General for documents, people vote with less hunting, than a particular person.”

to Observe the voting process will more than 500 thousand people, said Novikov.

“the majority of observers still were on the Russian presidential election in 2018 – was 288 thousand persons, – he reminded. – Now we have already registered more than 300 thousand public observers, and it is planned that by the deadline we can reach threshold more than 500 thousand.”

According to Novikov, the number of observers is justified because the voting process distributed over time from the sanitary-epidemiological considerations.

he stressed that the legitimacy is very important here, because “this will be one of historic change.”

Important historical moment in the voting on amendments to the Constitution called the Commissioner for human rights under the President of the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova. She added that the Ombudsman will monitor the absence of brokeniy in the voting process.

“Today, when we, the hotline received signals and violations, when people have the urge to choose a particular form of voting, we will stand in defense of freedom of expression, we stand for the protection of the rights of people in their choice,” said the Ombudsman.

to prevent violations in preparation for the vote called for the head of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova. In particular, she pointed out that the information materials of the CEC on the national ballot designed for the sole purpose of informing citizens: they should not be used for campaigning.

“I Began to receive information that some of the footage created by other organizations and broadcast in the media and on the Internet, at the same time contain the essential elements: logo, dynamic Wallpaper, and information materials of the CEC. And direct appeals to vote for or against the amendments,” — said Pamfilova.

According to her, it is inconceivable that such materials “were used by third parties in the campaign”.

In January 2020 in his address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin proposed to amend the basic law a number of amendments. According to him, these changes are intended to make the Constitution more responsive to modern realities. and would the results. On March 11 the state Duma in the final reading adopted the presidential bill on the same day it was approved by the Federation Council. Initially nationwide vote on the amendments was scheduled for 22 April, but in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the President has disposed to transfer it. In the end, the vote was postponed to 1 July.