The Kremlin: studies say that the majority of Russians supported the amendments to the Constitution

“For the President it is extremely important that the people have voted, so that our citizens supported the amendments to the Constitution,” — said the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov.

the Kremlin said that the majority of citizens, according to opinion polls, intend to support the amendments to the Constitution of Russia. The position of the opponents of the amendments to the Basic law, the Kremlin has not commented, said “Interfax”.

According to Dmitry Peskov, Putin repeatedly emphasized that the amendments to the Constitution will take effect only if they are supported by the citizens of the country. Thus a press-the Secretary of the Russian President added that all major political parties of Russia supported the constitutional changes.

Sands stated that the discussion of amendments takes place in the first month in a variety of formats, and here the Kremlin said very high public activity. He acknowledged that the parties have expressed different points of view on constitutional amendments, reflect different points of view. But, according to the official representative of the Kremlin, these parties are less popular support. Dmitry Peskov added: most of the amendments were initiated by citizens.

the vote on the amendments to the Constitution had to go through 22 April, but because of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 was postponed to 1 July. 8 Jun the website for amendments to the Constitution for the first time introduced a clause on the abolition of restrictions on presidential terms, which can be taken by one person.