The largest energy project in southern Europe. Earned

After the meeting, which lasted half an hour, the presidents of Russia and Turkey officially launched operation of the pipeline “Turkish stream”.

Turn a symbolic valve means the official launch of the pipeline, which was built in record time, and that now will ensure energy security in all of southern Europe.

the route Begins near Anapa. 930 kilometers. Two lines, which will be pumped 31.5 billion cubic meters annually. The construction of each thread took almost 75 thousand pipes. One gas from fields in Western Siberia will go to Turkish consumers, on the other — in the countries of southern Europe.

“Turkish stream” is also an example of economic pragmatism. The Turkey’s neighbor Bulgaria in 2014 to demonstrate it could not, and “South stream” never took place. But to put pressure on Turkey was pointless.

“I Want to Express my gratitude to the Turkish authorities, the Turkish President for the timely issuance of all necessary for the construction of a gas pipeline permits and licenses. Just would like to repeat what I said here in previous times. For the political will shown by the leadership of Turkey in the implementation of projects of national importance and national interest of their country. I am sure that in the future Russia and Turkey implements many new mutually beneficial joint projects in the energy sector and in other areas. Together, we can solve any most complicated and ambitious tasks for the benefit of our countries and our peoples, for the benefit of our neighbors and partners”, — said Vladimir Putin.

“the Russian proverb says: smart traveling companion means that half way already passed. We hope that Russia and Turkey, two neighboring countries, will continue with determination to walk on the same path as two good companion,” — said Erdogan.

the ceremony — the President of Serbia, this country route, almost 400 Tretrov built. Arrived and the Prime Minister of Bulgaria. This country are now receiving gas through Turkey, expects to save 40 million euros. In direct communication specialists who work on the Russkaya station near Anapa, and engineers substation, on the Turkish side.

large-Scale project, sounds in the hall, largely illustrates the quality of relations of Russia and Turkey.

“We live in a complex world, and unfortunately, in a region where we are located, there is a serious tendency to aggravation of the situation. But Turkey and Russia show very different examples. An example of collaboration and cooperation for the benefit of our peoples and peoples from all over Europe, all over the world. I’m sure we will act in the future as well, and will continue to achieve new successes”, — said the Russian leader.

In Northern Turkey still lingers on furnace heating. That’s felled wood. Now, with the launch of Turkish stream, many homes will be gas. Local restaurant and today is a rare warm stove. But people expect that gas will eventually allow you to save money.

“For heating one room takes almost 150 dollars a month. If I had natural gas, I pay almost half and to heat his entire 4-room apartment,” — said the Director of the restaurant, Hakan Bashar.

Gas from Russia to Turkey is fed for three decades, but the “Turkish stream”, was built thanks to the unique technology — a true breakthrough for the entire industry. The tremendous work of thousands of specialists behind. The village Kyukei to complete the offshore part of the pipeline. Here Russian fuel begins to flow into the unified gas transportation system of the country. Ground infrastructure built in Turkey, and on the other side of the Black sea.

the Compressor station “Russian” — one of the largest and most powerful in Europe. It will build up pressure with such force that the gas could travel for hundreds of kilometers, creating the same turetski flow. Disperse blue fuel of the Russian gas-turbine units “Ladoga”: 7 complicated technological complexes of the Kuban, was brought from St. Petersburg. Environmentally friendly and reliable.

“One compressor station “Russkaya” will replace the 9 compressor stations if they were installed on the linear part of main pipeline”, — says the chief engineer of compressor station “Russkaya” Sergey Lysenko.

Five years left for preparation of the project. Scratch built and the most powerful compressor station, and a giant pipeline. Two parallel lines: one for the supply of the domestic market of Turkey, the other with the expectation of southern Europe. Laying pipe on the seabed to a depth of two kilometers, driving under the terrain.

Chief engineer of the station “Russkaya” shows the pressure in the pipes. The pressure gauge 120 atmospheres. For comparison, the tap water flows under the pressure of only two atmospheres. The pipeline is already filled with fuel. The transportation started.

This beach is the starting point of the “Turkish stream”. Further, the gas filaments are drawn at an incredible 930 kilometers, diagonally crossing the Black sea, and emerge from the depths only in Thrace, 100 km from Istanbul.

the Rest of the transit countries still finish building their plots. The head of the Bulgarian Cabinet says Putin as being completed branch of a gas pipeline on the territory of Bulgaria. And then the Turkish stream should be up and running at full capacity.

the launch of the “Turkish stream” — a significant event not only for Turkey. It is about how it will look in the coming years the European gas market. Russia strengthens its position and the consumers are no doubts about reliability and predictability. And one of this causes a natural irritation to many in the West.

While the influential Turkish newspaper “Milliyet” underlines the importance of the project for the country, Bloomberg focuses on the fact that Russia is preparing a new route to Europe, contrary toSHA and Deutsche Welle calls the pipeline a symbol of strength. The press is closely watching today’s communication leaders.

the Morning’s bilateral meeting between Putin and Erdogan lasted half an hour. One-on-one with heads of state only translators. The meeting comes at a time when the middle East is a world the number one issue. The complicated situation in the region is largely dependent on the positions of Russia and Turkey. After the ceremony the conversation again. Here in the hall, Sergei Shoigu, Lavrov and Turkish foreign Minister Cavusoglu. About what is happening in the corridors of the big regional policy, given to understand Erdogan’s words spoken in the hall.

“a lot of telephone conversations were held with the leaders of Iraq, and yet our foreign Minister is currently conducting very intensive negotiations. Our goal is to reduce tension, to return common sense to our region,” said the Turkish President.

the participants apparently had the opportunity to discuss the situation in the region and during dinner. The turbulent situation in the middle East, North Africa, in Libya. And this is a direct threat to the whole Mediterranean. The presidents of Turkey and Russia called for establishment of a cease-fire.

in addition, Russia and Turkey intend to seek settlement of the Syrian crisis. Mechanism to break the deadlock — Astana process.