CDU presidium member Jens Spahn has heavily criticized Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s (SPD) minimum wage initiative.

“Olaf Scholz must be very desperate, this is the last straw of a declining social democracy,” Spahn told “Stern.” “If the Chancellor thinks he can set wages in an interview, that shows his contempt for employers and unions.”

Collective bargaining autonomy is an essential element of the social market economy, said the former Federal Minister of Health. “Scholz breaks his own promise. Because he had promised to politically set the minimum wage once at 12 euros, but from now on to put it in the hands of the responsible collective bargaining partners. This promise didn’t even last two years.” On Tuesday, Scholz called for a gradual increase in the minimum wage to 15 euros, thereby starting a debate.

The outrage over the move also continues in business. Ingrid Hartges, general manager of the DEHOGA Federal Association, told “Stern”: “An outbidding competition between the parties regarding the minimum wage level is irresponsible.” They reject any form of state interference. “The Minimum Wage Commission is responsible for wage adjustments and has proven in the past that it is aware of this responsibility,” said Hartges. “We expect politicians to respect the work of the Minimum Wage Commission. A further government increase in the minimum wage means massive increases in personnel costs for the majority of companies and creates strong pressure on the entire wage structure.”