The lawyer explained why the Efremov - not chronic alcoholic

some media reported that Mikhail Efremov, staged an accident with a fatal outcome in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, was allegedly diagnosed with “chronic alcoholism”.

the actor’s Lawyer Elman Pashayev in comments to the TV channel “360” denied this information.

Pasha said that if Ephraim was chronic alcoholism, “that he would not play and would not be paid actor”.

the Lawyer also suggested that such information is disseminated by journalists for the sake of ratings, and admitted that “the imagination of the people is striking.”

Accordingly, Pashayev informed about the possible life Efremov’s deprivation of a driver’s license due to the fact that he was allegedly diagnosed with “chronic alcoholism”.

the Lawyer said that his client “is deprived of rights, but not for life, and for some time”, reports TASS.

“It will be done by the court due to the fact that my client caused a car accident while drunk, which he denies,” said the defender.

Informed is judicial-psychiatric examination, which was held Efremov, revealed that the actor is sane.

During the study, he acknowledged that drinking alcohol and drugs.

the lawyer Pashayev listed several reasons why drinking Efremov, and a few days earlier, the TV channel “Russia-1” were shown footage from the surveillance camera one of the convenience stores in Moscow: Efremov tried to buy alcohol at the wrong time.

These shots were taken on the night of 8 June when the actor made a fatal accident near Smolensk square of the capital, which killed the courier Sergey Zakharov.

the taxi driver, which a few hours until early morning — took the actor on the night the capital, said that he was drinking beer.

Based on this information, the time of the accident, Mikhail Efremov was drunk is not the first day, and besides, the night before trageDII did not sleep.