The lawyer of the family of the deceased reacted to the words of the defender of Ephraim

Commenting on the statement of the lawyer of the actor Mikhail Yefremov that the artist refused to plead guilty, the lawyer of the family of the deceased driver Sergey Zakharov, Alexander Dobrovinsky said that the car is Ephraim, in which he staged an accident in the center of Moscow was fully functional, reports TASS.

Earlier it became known that Efremov has refused admission of guilt. This was stated by his lawyer Elman Pashayev, TV channel “Moscow 24”.

As reported, the evening of 8 June on the Garden ring, near Smolensk square Efremov, being in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, at a speed left on an oncoming lane and committed a head-on collision with Lada car, whose driver, 57-year-old courier Sergey Zakharov, the next morning died from his injuries in the hospital.

the Actor is accused of driving in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, committing a traffic accident in which killed people.

He faces 5 to 12 years in prison. Efremov has repeatedly stated that pleads guilty and is ready to assist the family of the deceased. However, the relatives of the deceased refused to help the artist.

After the accident, in addition to high doses of alcohol in the blood of the actor was discovered traces of drugs, including cocaine. On the given fact criminal case about sale of drugs, which Efremov is a witness.