The libraries of the Pskov region are experiencing large-scale modernization

Libraries of the Pskov region purchasing thousands of new books, change the old furniture and equipment to a new. Modernization is carried out in the framework of the national project “Culture” — regional centers of the region received tens of millions of rubles.

the Smell of new books — the most pleasant for Borovskoy library Director Svetlana Petrova. The funds this year amounted to seven and a half thousand books, despite the fact that the whole library consists of fifty-four thousand copies. For the purchase of new books the library has sent a quarter of the ten million of the funds received. Else — new furniture, shelving and equipment.

“the Equipment we have is quite old. We want to replace it. The new color scheme will be, a lot of furniture — new benches, new sofas. Replace the new chair, replace the racks, on racks put new books. It is necessary, readers come to us today and have a few people I call when we open, so all want and look forward to new books and updated the library,” says Director Borovskoy Central regional library Svetlana Petrova.

the library will be TVs, interactive whiteboards, computers, Board games for children. It all acquired at the expense of the national project “Culture”. Under the terms of the program to create model libraries, the municipality does the institution renovation. The funds of the national project can also be aimed at rehabilitation facilities, but most of it was for the purchase of furniture, equipment and books.

“I will Go and youth, and middle age, and older, they will read, to get into the Internet, they will get interested in something, and I hope they get the right information and writers, and our history, and throughout our lives. This will be the center of intellectual and Patriotic education. We are very proud that we made it happen. We will follow through the end and before October 1 of the current year will be delivered, and even earlier”, — says the head of porhovsk district Viktor Stepanov.

In the library “Bibliobus” neighborhood jungle in Pskov repairs began last year. After cracked load bearing wall, the municipality has allocated half a million rubles for capital reconstruction — repair of walls, heating system, replacement Windows and roof. In this work continued. There are plans to overhaul the floor, ceiling and beauty in all areas. And five million rubles, the library received under the national project. These funds will be used to purchase new furniture, multimedia equipment and books. The Fund will be updated by almost a quarter to the library received four thousand new editions.

“Besides the fact that they are waiting for the book, of course, we will have connection to electronic resources and electronic libraries in the country, and it will be very interesting, useful people. And the attractive, comfortable rooms, you will find it to his liking. We have a group of creativity for children. We have planned immediately after the opening of the implementation of two new projects”, — said head of the library “Bibliobus” Helen Saito.

within the framework of the national project staff also undergo refresher courses. In the updated library, the participants of the national project will open by the fall.