The lifting of the measures: as is the case in regions of the country

Daily data of the operational headquarters on the situation with coronavirus in the country — the daily growth of new cases COVID-19 fell to a record low of indicators — it is slightly more than percent. Regions gradually lift the restrictions. Half a dozen areas are already on the second stage of the abolition of quarantine measures. Open shopping malls, museums, zoos, centers of public services. Also permitted the entry of highly skilled foreign professionals.

Virtuoso jumps in the pool seem to be of good cheer — for the three months polar bears have missed the attention of visitors. In Novosibirsk has earned one of the nation’s largest zoos. On the first day of work after the lifting of restrictions, he took several thousand people.

the Lifting of restrictive measures in the country takes place in three stages. Most regions are now on the ground. There are walking and playing sports in the street, small objects, non-food trade and services. There are regions that have moved to the second stage: Krasnodar Krai, Tyumen, Omsk and Murmansk regions, Karelia and Kalmykia. In the third stage of the removal of restrictions — Sakhalin.

In Karachay-Cherkessia to begin the first stage. To work return repair shops and hairdressers, but especially waited here for the opening of wedding salons. Wedding in the North Caucasus traditionally have to be in a big way. Though the mass actions is prohibited, but the dress can be to choose and buy in advance.

For the last day in the country was 7 113 new cases COVID-19. These are minimal figures for all the observations, but doctors warn — waking up early, coronavirus still not defeated. Preventive measures to observe.

In some regions, the situation remains difficult. Flash COVID-19 in one of the Tomsk pensions for the elderly — hospitalized 44 people. The Prosecutor’s office of the region checks.

To quarantine the hospital closed in Maykop. Infection was detected in several people from the medical staff. Doctors and nurses were isolated, patients transferred to other medical centers.

“a Team from the perinatal center will go as part of the emergency physicians-anesthesiologists, obstetricians and gynecologists on demand on the ambulance to assist on the ground,” — said the first Deputy Minister of health of the Republic of Adygea.

where the number of new cases is decreasing, the restrictions are gradually removed. In Tyumen the first visitors to take the malls. Stores are sold out. There is a mandatory protective equipment, regular wet cleaning, social marking and antiseptic.

In the gym is allowed only personal training. To go back to school are athletes in the plans as soon as possible to catch up. Judoka Daria Davydova were preparing to perform at the Olympics in Tokyo. The trip to Japan was postponed for 2021. According to her, the first time she practiced only at home. When it started easing, I began to jog and to work on the street with horizontal bars, parallel bars.

Ivanov is now you can eat on the summer terrace, while the company is not more than four people — admission is solely at the reservation. Tables in the newly opened cafes and restaurants reserved for the week ahead.